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Herding trials or competitions or hats is a utility for testing the working dog. The Herding is usually carried out in Germany with the German shepherd dog breeds, Old German Shepherd or Belgian shepherd dog, is also besides the Shetland Sheepdog, Catalan sheepdog or Border Collie suitable.

Exercises for Trials:

1.A cram

by means of the dogs herd is driven into a corral.

2.Eng away

A long and narrow Treibweg. The dogs need to keep the herd on the way and prevent them cause damage by eating at the sides.

3.Behavior in the narrow space

Here the space is very limited, and the sheep are eating that is a very small space. Since the tightness causes the sheep have a tendency to leave the room, the dogs have to do very much.

4. Behavior in the broad area

A wide Gehüt can be a big area that is not fenced, the sheep are to use only a part. The patrol dogs to herd and keep it within the permitted area along a large area.

5. Barriers, traffic

The task is to drive the flock a wide street. The dogs are absorbed that they are not endangered by traffic, by moving between vehicles and stoves.

6. bridge

The herd must have a bridge, bridge or simulated, are driven. The dogs prevent sheep run on the bridge over.

7. from cram

A strange flock of at least 200 animals from the shepherd with two dogs in a pen (fenced area) driven out. Once the herd has left the corral to keep the dogs together the flock.

Those would be the point of Herding German Shepherd Association. Be evaluated obedience, diligence and independence and how the above points are resolved eg. how the dog handles sheep who have left the flock.

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