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Tournament dog sports

Athletics would be the right dog with a short description. Turnierhundesport has the following four disciplines struggle, obstacle course, cross country running, Combinations Speed Cup, Short-speed and skill Cup. The early 70's began the first organizations to offer Turnierhundesport as we now know a good decision. Basically, every person of every age and every dog has run every race Turnierhundesport. The following disciplines:

Four battle:

obedience, obstacle course, slalom and obstacle course belong to the pinnacle in dog sports tournament. Obedience leash, heeling, sitting and exercise room, floor exercises are a part of an exercise.


speed and speed strength athlete requires the dog and man.

Four Fight 1:

2 passes a 50m, the dog must jump over hurdles at over 3 ca.40cm.

Four Fight 2:

1 the passage of 2x40m with 6 hurdles for humans and dogs.


75 meters long and cope in the slalom gates 1.40 meters wide zig-zag course must be from dog and man.


75 meters hurdle, stairs, tunnels, a 65-inch high running board, a tire, a high-jumping are wide of the dog to master the man must walk beside her.


Hurdles in the same four-fight, dogs up to 50 cm and 50 cm from shoulder height such run against each other but in separate classes.


A cross-country running through woods and meadows, with the dog on the loose leash ideal addition to his master or mistress reciprocates. Good for beginners discipline man and dog. Accessible routes are 2.000m and 5.000m from.

Combinations Speed Cup:

A relay race for a team of 3 (three dogs, three dog handlers). Pace, obedience, social acceptability and responsiveness are the A and O in Combinations Speed Cup. There are three departments obstacles, slalom gates and turning bars, one team stands in a department, and it starts running when the other one is there yet. It is a kind of relay race, only without bars.


Similar to the Combinations Speed Cup, where the crossroads of two obstacle courses. Also ideal for implementation in the hall, because the space is very small.

Cup Qualifying Speed:

enter enter the knock-two teams (both dog and human) to a parallel, identical obstacle courses against each other. The winners will each next round until a winner is determined. Fitness for dogs and humans is necessary.

Conclusion: Whether recreational sports or professional sports in Turnierhundesport is something for everyone.

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