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At the team test is only in the broadest sense to dog sports, it's a lot more training for the dog and the dog handler. It is offered, among other things by the German Association of the working dog sport clubs. Test points are:


  • Of the collar leashed dog must joyfully to the left and go close to the knee of the handler. The leash is slack held in the left hand must be loose. When stopping, the dog immediately to the next without action Handler set.


  • The dog must - without his leash - happily on the left side and go close to the knee of the handler. When stopping the dog immediately to put next to no exposure to the dogs.

Sit exercise

  • In a unique voice command "Sit" dog in need of unangeleinte sit down quickly, while the handler continues for at least 20 steps. The dog needs to pick up by the handler at the original Place to stay seated.

Make space with recall

  • In a unique voice command "Platz", the dog must quickly unangeleinte , lie down while the handler continues for at least 20 steps. The dog needs to get through the dog handlers are in place that remain after retrieving joyfully and quickly come to the handler, sit in front of him and take the basic position on command.

Tethering of the dog

  • The dog during the exercises 1-4 from another dog tied to a pole and placed there. The handler goes out of sight of his dog's stored.

Impartiality of the dog over vehicles and persons

  • The dog must be at the crossing of a group of people both at the Linen and unangeleint against persons uninvolved show. He may not even smell it any other way harass.

Oncoming traffic with 2 to 3 people

  • The dog must show the bypassing of cars at ease. This parking situations are simulated.

oncoming traffic

with bicycle or moped riders
A bicycle or moped driver overtaken from behind the handler, his dog on a leash leads, and are thereby bell or horn signals The bicycle or moped driver turns after overtaking at a distance of approximately 70m and is now also with bell or horn signals, handler and dog meet. The dog has to show up unimpressed.
with people
On a non-or little-used way to go 2 or 3 people the handler, his dog is running free counter. In about 30m distance from the dog, the dog is the passers recalled. There are max. 2 Commands allowed to come back. The dog is on leash and walk dog and handler, without this properly go on foot must past the oncoming pedestrians. it should not bother the dog passersby.
and joggers
The handler walks at a normal pace along a path, the dog is running free. From behind one or two joggers approached at a run, without changing the tempo and continue to pass. The handler may call his dog leash approached both and, store as well as distance or uninvolved let go. Under no circumstances should the dog run towards the joggers, jump after them or otherwise harass. The same exercise is performed in front of oncoming traffic.

Test team we usually play with practice in courses offered for dogs and owners and theory for the holder a major role. The course ends with a final exam and a certificate where the dog is to certify the social compatibility.

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