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Agility About 10 years ago, was the official coming from the UK, by the Agility Association of the German working dog sport clubs in Germany introduced and implemented.
What were the small dog breeds the chance to operate dog sports, but in general applies to any dog agility is what having fun during the workout.

Need for agility
  • bush hurdle
  • hurdle
  • wall
  • table
  • catwalk
  • seesaw
  • slanted wall
  • fixed tunnel
  • tire
  • slalom
  • one long jump
  • fabric tunnel

Agility Dog and handler must overcome the trail about 20 meters x 40 meters with obstacles with his discipline and harmony.
In competitions, a judge sets the size of fixed obstacles and order.
The length should be between 100m and 200m of the course was a minimum size of 20 x 40m.
As with all dog sports, agility is to proceed even when the safety and health of the dog.

Agility pictures

Dog Sport Agility Slalom

Hurdles also no problem for small dogs

Tire bag and tunnel

Man leads the dog in agility

Even small dogs make the tires

With tarnish by the Agility Tire

In the dog agility sport it is also about speed