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All about dogs

DummyworkingAll about dogs as the history of the dog or the dog heaven , which cost me a dog?, calculate how much money you have.
The theme of fighting dogs is always on everyone's lips, but they really exist? You'll also find the race lists the states, because some breeds should be determined only in dangerous provinces.
bite statistics of the provinces or looking for a dog breed, are currently 346 in dog encyclopedia.

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dog names

They are looking for or have a beautiful dog names?!
There are already 1700 Dog Names from A to Z because of which 850 are male and 850 female dog names.

The latest female dog names:  
Chris   Levi Raskin   Ethan Phillips   Susi ,Loona , Maja ,    Stupsi , Nicki , Mimi ,    Bari   Fotze   Glenn   

The latest male dog names:  
Wiener   Dedi , Sträuchi ,   Gorgy ( Schorschy ) , Nicki , Rocky , Rex ,Blacky , Chaly ,Bauzi   Bari   Waltraud   mila   Greif   Glen   

dog names: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

All about dog sports


What dog sports are there? which is suitable for my dog? More information about the dog sports, such as:: Agility, Flyball, Dummy Working
or Discdog, Dogdancing, Obedience, Dog Sledding, Team Test, Trials, Dog Sport Tournament, Eventing or greyhound racing..

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dog sports videos

The latest videos of dogs and dog sports videos

der Hundesport Flyball

Agilityrun 26356yes
Agilityrun 16009yes
EFC 2011 1 Div4726no
Border collie plays ball4389no
Who jumps through the field?4382no
Lappi play ball4255no
Division 4 finals in Bad Soden 20094210no
Goldie plays ball4208no
Lake and Land 2009_24128no
EFC 2011 in Borken4086no
EFC 2011 9 Div4036no
Division 2 finals in Bad Soden 20093973no
Flyball 13971no
Lake and Land 2009_43923no
Lake and Land 2009_13905no
Lake and Land 2009_53899no
Lake and Land 2009_33895no
The second jump3879no
The first jump3845no
EFC 2011 15 Div3824no
EFC 2011 9 Div 3817no